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    Lorna's ex husband appeared to the party and he is trying to get back with her, but she's overwhelmed by feelings and hides in her bedroom to cry. Frasier, as a good friend and a therapist, shows all his support to her and gives advices.
  • Added: Sep 23, 2018   |   Duration: 1:11   |   Views: 657
    Lorna and Frasier sit down and talk while making crackers&cheese during Lorna's graduation party. Frasier does have something to say, but words just don't come out.
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    Lorna is driving Frasier to pick-up Claire and go to the airport for a vacation. And he seems to be having a few things to object about her driving skills.
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    Frasier and Lorna grew up their story and issues and became friends, who can have fun together, talk to each other, destroy other people's belongings and attempt to repair together....
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    Lorna has been trying to sell this house for a long time but the owner depresses anyone entering to visit, so she thinks that if Frasier helps her in her plan, this time she may be finally selling it. Though she doesn't agree much to it.
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    Lorna discovers Frasier went behind her back and asked Claire out, so their deal goes off, but while the two are talking Claire calls Lorna and leaves a message expressing concerns about her accepting this date. The games are still open and Lorna is now betting high.
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    Lorna's life is a mess, her ex is marrying again, her son doesn't do good in school and she's sad on her birthday. She offers Frasier a deal: if he helps her son passing history, she will get him a date with her friend Claire.
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    Fraiser is finally showing up to his classmates with the most beautiful girl of the school. But he cannot fool her, he's too much of a gentleman for it. Though she's too much scary to say no.
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    Frasier and Lorna spend the night together. It's all wonderful, it's all magic, it's all...... different than he had thought she would be.
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    Frasier finally gets to bring home Lorna Lynley, his high school crush and former prom queen, just for a different reason his mind had thought to.