Being Jean
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Style & Substance
Character: Chelsea Stevens
Created by: Peter Tolan
Directed by: Jay Sandrich, Iris Dugow, Brian K. Roberts, Peter Tolan
Written by: Chris Alberghini, Donald R. Beck, Mike Chessler, Gary Janetti, Daphne Pollon, Peter Tolan
Produced by: Donald Capen, Gary Janetti, Michael Petok, Karen MacKain
Other cast: Nancy McKeon, Heath Hyche, Linda Kash, Joseph Maher, Alan Autry
Episodes: Appeared in all episodes
Original airdate: January 5, 1998
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 30min

Chelsea Stevens is a neurotic, egocentric Martha Stewart-type who finds herself reluctantly answering to naive Midwesterner Jane Sokol after her empire is bought out by another company.


→ The Queen of Style is about to meet her mismatch.


• Cast members Nancy McKeon and Jean Smart have expressed their belief that Martha Stewart was responsible for the show’s cancellation.

Character’s Quotes

♥ “The Steakhouse.” Well, we can only hope the imagination saved coming up with the name is being put to good use in the kitchen!

♥ I made reservations at a wonderful new French resturaunt on Broome Street, everyone is raving about it. A friend of mine was there last week. One of the waiters slapped her face. It’s like you’re in Provence!

♥ Jane, when I need to feel good about myself, I look inside of me. And you know something, I’m always there for me. You need to do that. When I need approval, do you know what I do? I look to me.

Chelsea: Well, I don’t remember all the details. Uh, he came over, we talked, we had some wine, we did it and then he left. How was the rest of your evening?
Jane: What?
Chelsea: How was the rest of your—
Jane: No, go back. You did it? What do you mean “it?”
Chelsea: Well, I think it’s the only “it” there is. Isn’t it?