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FBI Agent Laurie Blake has a pretty rocky ride through the last few episodes of Watchmen. She learns that Doctor Manhattan, the big blue ex she has secretly been pining for, has married someone else. She watches him get captured by white supremacists. And then she discovers that her old colleague turned genius mass murderer, Adrian Veidt, […]

November 26, 2019 ♦ Interviews, News & Articles

For the last 40 or so years, Jean Smart has been many different people. She was the naïve and sweet Charlene on Designing Women; the serial killer Aileen Wuornos; Frasier Crane’s old high school crush Lana Gardner; Melanie Bird, a psychiatrist to a powerful mutant on Legion; Fargo‘s Floyd Gerhart, the head of a crime family; and to viewers now she’s Watchmen‘s […]

HBO’s Watchmen left viewers hanging as Episode 5 of its debut season saw Regina King’s Angela Abar down grandfather Will Reeves’ (Louis Gossett Jr.) Nostalgia pills, against acting Tulsa Police Department head and FBI Agent Laurie Blake’s (Jean Smart) wishes. The revealing installment made some things clearer while others got even more perplexing. Below, Smart is clearing some […]

Right out of the gate, HBO’s Watchmen TV series proved itself to be an equally bizarre but wholly distinguishable beast from Alan Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel and Zack Snyder’s movie. Still, homage was the name of the game in the third episode, which introduced Jean Smart as an older version of Laurie Blake/Silk Spectre II, who’s moved past […]

Jean Smart knew nothing about “Watchmen,” the groundbreaking comic book saga about a ragged band of costumed superheroes, when she was approached about joining the cast of HBO’s reboot of the popular franchise. But the more Smart learned about the cynical, no-nonsense FBI Special Agent Laurie Blake, who brings a dose of hardened reality to the […]

November 5, 2019 ♦ News & Articles, Television, Watchmen

When we first encounter Laurie Blake in HBO’s “Watchmen,” she’s sticking up a bank to trick a masked vigilante into showing up so she, along with the other undercover FBI agents around her, can arrest him for violating the Keene Act. The law, which has existed in the fictional universe since 1977, banned costumed crime-fighting, forcing the […]