HBO’s Watchmen left viewers hanging as Episode 5 of its debut season saw Regina King’s Angela Abar down grandfather Will Reeves’ (Louis Gossett Jr.) Nostalgia pills, against acting Tulsa Police Department head and FBI Agent Laurie Blake’s (Jean Smart) wishes. The revealing installment made some things clearer while others got even more perplexing.

Below, Smart is clearing some things up for us while teasing others. Plus, she’s revealing what it’s really like to film those back-and-forth scenes with costar Tim Blake Nelson.

Laurie is such a fantastic character. How much of her is your own interpretation or creation and how much is part of Damon Lindelof’s vision and the source material’s?

Jean Smart: Oh, it’s such a combination of the three, it would be hard-pressed to separate them. But I’m very pleased that Damon – who is an aficionado of the source material – was very pleased with what I did. I feel like most of it was right there on the page, and to me at least, I knew exactly what I wanted to go with her after reading that first episode. Because there was so much in that introductory, I was so grateful to that.

There’s only one other character I’ve ever played where the introduction was that amazing and told us so much about them. The fact that you just got to see so many sides of her in one hour, for an actor, it was just kind of an extraordinary gift.

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