Right out of the gate, HBO’s Watchmen TV series proved itself to be an equally bizarre but wholly distinguishable beast from Alan Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel and Zack Snyder’s movie. Still, homage was the name of the game in the third episode, which introduced Jean Smart as an older version of Laurie Blake/Silk Spectre II, who’s moved past her vigilante days and is now, in fact, leading the FBI’s anti-vigilante task force. Watching Smart go toe-to-toe with Tim Blake Nelson‘s Looking Glass and Regina King‘s Angela Abar/Sister Night provided some real kicks for viewers, and the cagey Laurie-Angela showdown continued with this week’s episode.

From Frasier to Fargo, the Designing Women actress’ career has gone to many wild places and now landed in the superhero realm, and to an even more surreal place than Legion a few years ago. Smart was gracious enough to sit down with us to discuss Laurie Blake’s hangups, which (and you knew this was coming) just happen to include Doctor Manhattan. And, yes, we discussed that big, blue sex toy, her extensive Watchmen monologuing, and where Laurie will go from here.

You’ve really been pushing into new career frontiers over the past five years. FargoLegion, and it’s unfair for me to throw in Dirty John, but I’m gonna do it anyway. And now Watchmen. Which of these roles seems like the biggest “I’ve never done this before” move?

Oh gosh. I’d have to tie Watchmen and Fargo for that. I’ve probably played similar roles in the past in the theater but not on camera. I’ve played a lot of iconic villainesses in the theater. Not that these women are villainesses, but like Clytemnestra and strong women who are in extraordinary circumstances.

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