With HBO‘s “remix” of/pseudo-sequel to Alan Moore and David Gibbons‘ celebrated comic book series Watchmen having had its world premiere at this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC2019 and time “tick-tocking” away until its October 20th premierewe’re rolling on with “Watchmen Week” with more insight on the series.

Today, Jean Smart (Agent Blake) and Tim Blake Nelson (Det. Looking Glass) share their thoughts on fans’ initial reactions to the series and how Damon Lindelof’s “remix” elevates the comics’ themes to a modern – and broader – level.

First, a little background: Bleeding Cool was invited to take part in a media day of roundtable interviews with members of the cast and series creators prior to the NYCC madness.

Over the course of the day, we had the opportunity to speak with series creator Damon Lindelof, executive producer/director Nicole Kassell, and cast members Regina KingJeremy Irons, Tim Blake Nelson, Jean Smart, Hong Chau, Louis Gossett Jr., and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II – we’ll be sharing audio from our sessions all throughout the week.

We kicked off things on Monday with some thoughts from Lindelof, continued on into Tuesday with some time with Kassell and King, and had Irons offer his perspective on Wednesday – all leading up to our review of the series premiere, which drops this weekend.

All we can tell you is this: we’ve seen it. Twice. We have some thoughts…

Today, Smart and Nelson discuss whether the initial debate and pushback over the series when it was first announced had any impact on set. From there, the conversation turns to the importance of Lindelof’s series being “devisive” and how that cements the project’s connection to Moore and Gibbons’ original work:


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