The gallery has been updated with over 230 HD screencaptures of Jean Smart as Estelle Twisp in 2009 movie “Youth in Revolt”

Nick, a teenager, falls head over heels in love with Sheeni and creates an alter ego that will help him be with her but he gets much more than he bargained for.

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The gallery has been updated with HQ photos of Jean Smart at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards. First event of the year and she won the award, amazing! So much deserved. Enjoy the photos!

The gallery has been updated with over 400 HD screencaptures of Jean Smart from the 2010 movie “Barry Munday”. Take a look and enjoy!

Hopeful ladies’ man Barry loses his manhood in an attack. His life looks over until awkward Ginger arrives on his doorstep, claiming she is pregnant with his child.

FBI Agent Laurie Blake has a pretty rocky ride through the last few episodes of Watchmen. She learns that Doctor Manhattan, the big blue ex she has secretly been pining for, has married someone else. She watches him get captured by white supremacists. And then she discovers that her old colleague turned genius mass murderer, Adrian Veidt, is still alive. Luckily, Jean Smart, the actor who brought her special zing to Laurie, is still laughing about it all. A few days after the Watchmen finale aired, Smart, who has had an especially great run of roles throughout the Peak TV era, caught up with Vulture over the phone to discuss how “pissed off” she was when she discovered Angela had stolen her man, her upcoming role on another HBO series, and her many, many ideas for Watchmen spinoffs.

What was your reaction when you learned that Angela’s husband is actually Doctor Manhattan, the character Laurie was secretly pining for?
I was so pissed off! [Laughs] I found out when I got the script. Nobody told me. She stole my man! I didn’t see that one coming at all. It’s true! I mean, they always had me talking about how hot Cal was.

In the finale, when Laurie herself learns about Doctor Manhattan’s marriage, what did you think was going through her mind?
The whole thing was just overwhelming. She was devastated at seeing him again, but with it happening under such horrible circumstances, she knew it was just going to be awful. It just would be so bizarre to know that was someone [who] was so much a part of you at the same time it was someone you recognized as Angela’s husband.

What was it like shooting the scenes in which you, Tim Blake Nelson, and Jeremy Irons get zapped off to Antarctica? It’s a delightful crew of characters.
They’re so incredibly talented, and they’re just really, really fun to work with. Then, of course, Laurie has another blast from the past when she sees Archie, the Owlship, and you wonder if Dan [Dreiberg, Laurie’s love interest in the Watchmen comic] is going to show up! But no, that wasn’t to be.

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And Watchmen comes to an end, but what a conclusion. I really enjoyed the series and Jean Smart character was really sassy, strong and amazingly played. In the gallery I added HQ stills and HD Screencaptures from the last episode, take a look and enjoy!

The gallery has been update with one HQ photo still and over 200 HD screencaptures of Jean Smart from last episode of Watchmen. Take a look and enjoy!